High in fiber, fruits are a great source of minerals and vitamins and can also help lower the risk of various chronic diseases. A diet rich in vegetables and fruit can help reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Some of the most powerful fruits that can prevent disease include berries and citrus fruits.


Many people use lemon as a traditional remedy due to its various health benefits. Like other fruits, it is filled with antioxidants and vitamin C. These compounds help remove harmful free radicals from the body, which can lead to various diseases, such as cancer.

Researchers believe that the compounds found in citrus fruits, such as lemons, have anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties. These active components, known as phytochemicals, are beneficial to the health of the body.

Drinking the juice of a lemon can help enhance the flavor of a drink or squeeze it over a fish or salad. It can also be used to soothe a sore throat by adding honey to a glass of water. Organic lemons have a rind, which can be used in recipes. 


Red-colored and juicy Strawberries are high in water and have seeds that provide dietary fiber. They are also full of nutrients and minerals, such as vitamins C, potassium, and anthocyanins, which can help improve one’s heart health.

A study by a trusted source revealed that eating three or more servings of strawberries per week can lower the likelihood of heart attacks. Women who consume more than three servings of these berries per week are less prone to experiencing heart attacks than those who consume less. 


A sweet and round fruit, oranges are known to contain various nutrients and minerals. One medium orange provides almost 117 percent of a person’s daily vitamin C requirement.

One of the most important nutrients a person should have is vitamin C, as it can help protect the body from free radicals. The body requires this vitamin as it helps the body absorb iron from food. Unfortunately, the human body cannot produce vitamin C on its own. However, people who eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables can still get this vitamin. One can keep their colon healthy by absorbing pectin, which can bind chemicals that can lead to colon cancer. 


Like other sour fruits, such as oranges, limes have various health benefits. They are also known to have antibacterial and antioxidant properties. They can be used in savory dishes, and they can be grated or juiced to add a bit of flavor to a salad or a rice dish. If you want to make a more refreshing drink, you can add lime to cold or hot water.