When it comes to living a healthy life, Robert J. Winn recognizes the important role that fitness and nutrition play. Fitness and nutrition often go hand-in-hand, which is something that Winn has experienced on a personal level.


Robert J. Winn’s transformation

In 2014, Robert J. Winn weighed 282 pounds, had trouble climbing a flight of stairs, and no longer fit into some of his clothes. That year he recognized that it was time to change his diet and start exercising, both for his health and so that his fitness advice to patients would carry greater weight.

With the help of a local gym called Unite Fitness, Robert J. Winn was able to lose 50 pounds in the span of six months. Throughout those initial months, Winn posted about his journey on social media. His friends, family, and even patients encouraged him to keep working hard the entire time. As a result of his transformation, patients recognized that they, too, could transform their lives by adopting healthier habits.

Regular exercise, healthy food, and a positive attitude are important keys to leading a healthy life.

Nutrition played a crucial role in Robert J. Winn’s initial transformation challenge. Due to his education and work as a physician, Robert J. was familiar with the fundamentals of nutrition. Still, as a busy professional with few minutes to spare, he fell victim to an excuse that many people are guilty of: “I don’t have time to cook healthy meals.” Yet after just seven days of adopting healthier food habits, Winn felt his energy levels rise and his mood improve. Soon Winn made it a priority to shop for healthy food on the weekend. By taking the time to plan out and prepare the upcoming week’s meals, he had fewer excuses to eat poorly during the week. Today he still practices this strategy, and it helps him stick to a nutritious diet.


Focusing on nutrition has given Robert J. Winn an opportunity to sharpen his culinary skills. Today he enjoys finding and cooking new recipes that are not only healthy but delicious as well. When it comes to learning how to prepare inexpensive, nutritious meals, the internet is the best resource around. Some people are hesitant to abandon their poor food choices because they believe that healthy food is boring or unappealing. However, Winn would argue that the opposite is true. Plus, the health benefits of eating nutritious food are so significant that they cannot be overlooked.


Robert J. Winn has worked as a family physician for over fifteen years in the Philadelphia region. In 1998 he earned his Doctor of Medicine from Hahnemann University School of Medicine. Afterward, he completed his residency at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Family Practice and Community Medicine. Throughout his career, Dr. Winn has focused on providing care to vulnerable populations who need it the most. Working with patients who face significant barriers to medical care has made Dr. Winn particularly concerned about the state of the country’s healthcare laws. Dr. Winn’s belief is that everyone should have equal access to healthcare coverage regardless of their income or background.

Most recently, Robert J Winn started Real Wellness, LLC, a private family medicine practice located in Haddon Township, New Jersey. With his practice, Winn’s mission is to treat the overall patient instead of just their ailment. Real Wellness is patient-centered, meaning all appointments last at least 30 minutes in order for Dr. Winn to get to know each patient and understand their background. While so many practices focus on merely the volume of patients, Robert J Winn’s focus on the quality of care each patient receives is what makes him so unique as a physician.