Getting enough fiber can be challenging, especially if you’re not feeling like eating vegetables. But did you know that popcorn has fiber? Continue reading to learn more about high-fiber options that you’ll actually want to eat.



You can add fiber to your diet through beans, an excellent protein source. Some of these, such as edamame, are also great for snacking. They contain around 9 grams of fiber, making them a great source of protein. Some bakeries have started adding beans or bean flours to their products, which could still yield quality cakes.



Although broccoli is often regarded as a fiber-producing vegetable, it has many other nutrients and health benefits. Its cruciferous nature means it comes from the same family as cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. Studies have shown that its 5 grams of fiber can help support the gut bacteria, which can help maintain a healthy balance.



Although berries are often associated with their antioxidants, they also contain fiber. One cup of fresh blueberries has almost four grams of fiber, while a cup of frozen unflavored blueberries has almost the same amount. Some berries, such as raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, are excellent sources of fiber. They’re also low in calories.



One cup of popcorn has about a gram of fiber, which is a healthy and satisfying addition to any diet. It can be a whole grain that can satisfy your hunger and provide you with a hit of fiber.


Whole Grains

Real whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, oats, brown rice, or pasta, are also filled with fiber. However, before they can be considered whole grains, they should be the first component of a food package that the FDA requires.


Dried Fruits

Some dried fruits, such as figs, dates, and prunes, can help boost your fiber intake and are ideal for those who are struggling with constipation. They also contain sorbitol, which can help improve the feel-good factor in your gut. However, eating too many of these can lead to diarrhea or cramping. To avoid this, try a small serving to see how you feel after you’ve consumed them.



Potatoes, including sweet potatoes, red, purple, and white ones, are excellent sources of fiber. One small potato has skin and can contain around three grams of fiber. Although they’re commonly associated with being fried in oil and served with chips, they can still provide various benefits.