You know the drill: you can find the recipes for Day 7 here:

The best part of Day 7 is seeing the empty refrigerator and getting to shop again!


Asparagus with scrambled eggs.  

Robert Winn_Day 7-1

Poached eggs are nice, but way too much work…just make them however you like them.

Mid-cleanse bounty!

Robert Winn_Day 7-2



Kale salad with black beans, tomato and feta.

I forgot the picture, but it was delicious!



Clementine with almonds.



Turkey meatballs with homemade tomato sauce.  

Robert Winn_Day 7-3-1  Robert Winn_Day 7-3-2  Robert Winn_Day 7-3

This sauce was easy and great-tasting!


Night Snack: