Check out the Day 6 recipes here:


Yogurt with blueberries and almonds.

Robert Winn_Day 6-1

Technically, breakfast for today was supposed to be chia pudding – but my wife isn’t a fan of the stuff, so I subbed out the pudding for yogurt. It was a good choice!



Arugula, blueberry, and feta salad.

Robert Winn_Day 6-2

Another sub, another good choice!



Cucumber with hummus.

Robert Winn_Day 6-3

Easy and tasty.



Chili over zoodles.

We like our chili HOT, so I added a few of my favorite spices to the recipe. Spices don’t add calories or salt, so feel free to add whatever you like!

Robert Winn_Day 6-4 Robert Winn_Day 6-5

Night Snack:  

Blackberries and pistachios


Tip: It’s cheaper to buy the unshelled ones.