Don’t forget to check out the recipes for Day 5 here!


Roasted cauliflower omelette.  

Robert Winn_Day 5-1  Robert Winn_Day 5-2

This was a tasty and savory dish – although I would suggest using less cauliflower than the recipes calls for!



Quinoa, fennel and blueberry salad.  

Robert Winn_Day 5-3

This is quite a refreshing summer salad. My wife hates fennel, so I left it off of her dish. Remember to customize the recipes if you need to!


Carrots and hummus

Always a nice treat!



Roasted salmon with green beans and lentils.  

This lentil recipe is quite delicious and makes leftovers! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!)


Night Snack:

Blueberries and almonds