Kale, banana, and almond butter protein smoothie

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I add some protein powder to mine for an extra boost.  Some people are turned off by kale, but you can’t really taste it in this recipe.  I highly recommend freezing the veggies and fruits before you blend the smoothie – the chill makes it smoother and negates the need to add any extra ice.  It also makes it easier when you go to prep your meal in the morning, because the kale is already washed and chopped!



Spinach, asparagus, and tomato salad with hard boiled eggs and lemon vinaigrette.  

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The recipe calls for fried eggs, but I prefer hard boiled. Pick your preference!

Tip:  To make the perfect hard boiled eggs, put fresh eggs in a pot with water a few inches above them. Add a little salt, then bring the pot to a boil and cover. Then, turn off heat and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 11 minutes.  Immediately after the 11 minutes pass, remove the eggs from the pot and place them in an ice bath for 3-5 min. This works every time, and I never get ugly green sulfur rings!  

I like to make these eggs in batches of a dozen, then use them for snacks during the week.

Snack 1:  

Carrot sticks with hummus.  

This snack is easy and delicious!



Roasted chicken with steamed kale and quinoa.  

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This recipe makes extra of all basic side items you’ll need for this week’s lunches…so you’ll cut down on cooking during week!  The orange vinaigrette is sweet and delicious – and you’ll be able to use it again tomorrow!

Tip:  I substitute low-sodium chicken broth for the water for a tastier batch of kale and quinoa.  Just remember that the broth contains salt, so don’t add any more to recipe.

Night Snack:
Sliced pear with almond butter.


A GREAT end to the night!